Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Topps 2007

Three posts in, and already my evil plan is starting to come apart at the seams. At least it's for a good reason. RobbyT, who blogs over at DetroitTigerCards, has been a been a loyal patron of my scheme. I recently assimilated his last donation into the collection and it filled out huge swaths through the late 70's and early 80's (Thanks again, Robby). But Mr. T has an evil plan of his own: Completing the elusive 2007 set.

Perhaps you recall this set. It did come out just year before last. The set featured alternate versions such as the Derek Jeter card with George W. Bush in the stands and Mickey Mantle in the dugout. But even if you didn't obsess over having every variation of each card, it still quickly became easy to see that completing this set may not be possible.

Case in point, Mr. Thompson. He tells me that he has spent over $400, one box at a time, and has yet to fill out his checklist. Perhaps it is a problem with regional distribution. Perhaps it was the collation of cards at the factory. Perhaps a few cards weren't evenly distributed on the sheets as they were printed. Or maybe, just maybe, Topps is jerking us around again, leaving saps like me and Robby to spend a couple hundred on a set that is worth $50 at the end of the year.


I say all that to say this: I am 70 cards short of completing this 661 card set. I don't know how many Rob has to go, but at this rate, it may as well be 660. As I've mentioned, he's already donated his older stuff, but perhaps he needs a few off this list and you have a few dusty Tiger cards in a shoebox... See where I'm going with this?

I think I smell a three way trade brewing.


  1. The set that will never be finished. A buddy of mine brought up around 200 cards from this set last weekend, and not a one of them was one of the ten cards that I still need to complete this set.

    On a positive note though, I thank Topps for this, as it was the set that inspired me to quit buying packs of cards and just wait for the factory set to come out each year. Well, except for the part where I haven't bothered to buy any factory sets since then either. Thanks Topps. Thanks for nothing.....

  2. You still doing this? You have 8 of the 10 cards I still need (51, 129, 206, 251, 314, 429, 634, & 657). I've got about 800 cards of series 2 and the traded series I'll swap you. We can swap 'em at Nemo's on Saturday!