Monday, March 2, 2009

Topps 1986

The curse of the black border. They did this in 1971, and again last year. It looks really nice when you pull it out of the pack, but it seems there is no way to keep these cards in mint condition. Not that I'm a fan of card grading, I'm just saying. Even if you treat your cards with respect, a black bordered card always seems to look like you left it with your kid brother a year after you bought it. But this may work to your advantage if you don't worry about such things. I got a '71 Tom Seaver for a song because the previous owner repainted the corners with magic marker. You can't see it unless you look at the edges. If you put it in a sleeve, like you would do anyway, you can't see the edges. Which raises an ethical dilema:

If a card is retouched, but no one can see it, is it still mint?

I'm 2 short of completing this 792 card set as well. What do you want for these black and whites?

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